I recently participated in a ceremony to honour the participants in a project called “Letters to the Beloved,” in which people compose letters to the Last Messenger of God, may his light continue to reach us wherever we are. (Read more about this lovely project here).

We spoke about how a love letter is not the ultimate indicator of love. Not every lover can express his love in beautiful words, or in words at all.
However, it is a gift to be able to express one’s love, and when sincerity and beautiful wording come together, a work of heart can be offered to the world that inspires, motivates and uplifts — helping the listener or reader to come along with the lover, on a love trip.

Yes, just as our words can send a person on a guilt trip, our words can also send a person on a love trip — and that is the purpose of the creative works that have been composed about the Messenger of God since his blessed appearance upon this earth. The poems, hymns, and lyrical odes are all offered for this purpose — to share the love the author is experiencing and attempt to send others on a love trip.

The following is one of those lyrical odes, written by Sultan Abdel Hamid I. It was actually painted on the walls of the chamber where the Prophet’s body lies, in Madinah. Even when some people tried to paint the walls to hide this hymn, some verses remained. The fact that this ode made its way to the sacred chamber speaks of its specialness, and how it was accepted by God as a gift to the one it was written to, His Apostle.

Indeed, when we read or listen to this ode, it sends us on a love trip and develops our relationship with the Prophet of God. I pray you enjoy it and the trip it takes you on.

Here is the audio of the hymn. It’s not a professional recording, just a tune that came to my heart as I was packing — for a trip :-) — to my knowledge this melody that came to me is an original one. I hope you enjoy it. There are of course many professional recordings that you can listen to, as it is a popular hymn sung by many.


O master of my heart, Apostle of God, most noble and respected
Take me by the hand
I have no one but you
And I rely upon no one but you

You are the light of guidance that is hidden in every creature
And you are the essence of all goodness that unfolds upon this earth and in the heavens
O, perfect pillar of support that I rest on!
You are, without doubt, the Helper of all of creation, every single one,
and you are the guide of all humanity,
You are the one who never waivers and is always there, always supportive!

O you who stands alone, unique, in the exalted position
of praising God, the Unique, Who was not born and does not give birth!

O you from whose fingers poured springs of fresh water
so that an entire army could quench its thirst with your light and assistance!

I testify that whenever a calamity befalls me,
whenever I fall on hard times,
I say: O master of my heart, my pillar of support, my friend!
Be my saviour in the Presence of the King of Kings, the Lord,
and ask Him to forgive me for my slip-ups,
and to grant me that which is beyond my greatest hopes!

O Beloved Apostle of God, look upon me with satisfaction always and forever,
and always cover up my faults out of your kindness and grace.
And show me your sweet and perfect affection
so that I will be encompassed by your kind pardon for all my mistakes,
because I turn to no one else but you, master of my heart and owner of my soul.

I seek the salvation offered by you, the chosen one who God selected
to traverse the heavens, to witness the Essence of the One and Unique God.

The Lord of all beauty, who raises us up in beauty, is the One Who created you.
And I have found no one like you, in all of creation — no one!

You are the best of all creation, the noblest of all the Messengers sent by God,
you are the precious treasure of all creation, and their guide to spiritual maturity.

In you I seek salvation and refuge,
with the hope that God will forgive me — and it is my conviction that He will!

And praising you will be the sweetness of my existence
as long as I live.

Your love is the greatest means to the Grace of God, the King of all the universe!
May He always knit me to you, with the purest of bonds and connections,
all my life long, and beyond, boundlessly!

And may He tie me to your family, and to your friends, the noblest of all humanity,
and to all those who follow in your light and love, trying their very best,

Arabic (original):

يا سيدي يا رسول الله خذ بيدي مالي سواك ولا ألوي على أحد
فأنت نور الهدى في كل كائنة وأنت سر الندى يا خير معتمد
و أنت حقاً غياث الخلق أجمعهم وأنت هادي الورى لله ذي السدد
يا من يقوم مقام الحمد منفرداً للواحد الفرد لم يولد ولم يلد
يا من تفجرت الأنهار نابعة من أصبعيه فروى الجيش بالمدد
إني إذا سامني ضيم يروعني أقول يا سيد السادات يا سندي
كن لي شفيعاً إلى الرحمن من زلل وأمنن علي بما لا كان في خلدي
وانظر بعين الرضا لي دائماً أبداً واستر بفضلك تقصيري إلى الأمد
واعطف علي بعفوٍ منك يشملني فإنني عنك يا مولاي لم أحد
إني توسلت بالمختار أفضل من رقَّى السموات سر الواحد الأحد
رب الجمال تعالى الله خالقه فمثله في جميع الخلق لم أجد
خير الخلائق أعلى المرسلين ذرى ذخر الأنام وهاديهم إلى الرشد
به التجأت لعل الله يغفر لي هذا الذي هو في ظني ومعتقدي
فمدحه لم يزل دأبي مدى عمري وحبه عند رب العرش مستندي
عليه أزكى صلاة لم تزل أبداً مع السلام بلا حصر ولا عدد
و الآل والصحب أهل المجد قاطبة وتابعيهم بإحسان إلى الأبد